19.08.17 - Rose Walsh Don't Mention Brexit  Losers Gym-15.jpg


Fine Arts Documentation
December 2016 - August 2017

'Losers Gym was an artist-led space in Nottingham showing a varying array of artists that gave the small space a very different feeling each show.

When working across artistic programmes like these based in one space, you eventually find the sweet spots for positioning the camera that always get the best shot. Thing is once I realise these I try and break the formula a bit to get more out of the shoots (I still capture the sweet spot too though! Just in case!)'



11.03.17 - New Condition - Rebecca Ounstead-30.jpg
17.12.16 - Bring Me Your Love' Zoe Spowage-19.jpg
04.04.17 - Affix - Claire Baily and Ian Jackson -28.jpg