Monty (Excerpt)


'Charles 'Monty' Buxton. Coal Miner, Chimney Sweep, Motorcycle Racer, Market Trader, Menswear Store Founder, Landlord, Pigeon Racer and Grandad.

This film offers an intimate look into the life of Monty as one of the shapers of his community and overall good bloke.

The original cut spans a looped two hours with Monty in his home in Derbyshire, UK that was made to suit an art gallery environment that doesn't pressure visitors to watch the whole film. The idea behind this was to inspire a sort of mythology around Monty as each viewer would hear about different aspects of Monty's very varied life e.g 'Monty's prized pigeons' or 'Monty's meeting with Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton', 'Monty's finest cashmere' the list goes on. This format intended to form a legend around Monty and encourage conversation about the work.

This work was commissioned by The Collection and Usher Museum in Lincoln as part of the OPEM 4 exhibition. The film was also shown in 'Life... Oh Life' at The Royal Standard in Liverpool.