Promotional Content
February 2019 - Present

Working to promote Sebastian Professional’s Cult Team and developing Sebastian’s in-salon educational initiative has seen me up and down the country shooting seminars, live shows, soiree events, step by step tutorials in photo and video.

Before working more extensively in Hair and Beauty I was unaware of the community and creativity present in the industry, you also pick up on a thing or two in hairdressing and styling (next venture maybe?).

Working with Sebastian Professional has reminded me of what I set out to do in the first place, help businesses produce efficient and engaging content at a reasonable rate. This mostly see’s me taking on more in terms of using multiple different skill sets and providing the most comprehensive end result I can. Haven’t had any complaints yet so I’ll carry on doing just that.

09.05.19 - Dublin Soiree-28.jpg
09.05.19 - Dublin Soiree-21.jpg
20.05.19 - Birmingham Black & White-12.jpg
20.05.19 - Birmingham Black & White-5.jpg