Val's Gym

2015 - 2016

'I first met Val when I used to work on the shopfloor of ASDA, and I sort of owe my career to him.

I'd known of Val a long time due to his popularity in the community for many years but had yet to introduce myself. Between my university studies I decided to make my first documentary film based on Val and his gym in my small Midlands hometown. It's a strange thing to ask on ones first meeting but Val was more than up for it.

The film was welcomed by the community to great praise that continued through to my uni course and Nottingham's art scene. It was then selected to be featured in the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016 exhibitions at The Bluecoat, Liverpool and ICA, London (Val makes sure everyone he sees knows that). I'd say more but it's hard to sum up Val Lawrence in words, that's why I made the film.'

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