What We Do

2017 - Present

‘What We Do’ is an ongoing photo documentary series following the culture of the UK. I expect it to become something that can be broken down into smaller series in the future matching up certain themes or locations.

I’ve always felt like an observer rather than a participant in most things, I think that’s why my practice focuses on exploring and documenting what others do as a sort of way to understand human behaviours more.

I like to keep my subjects and composition as minimal as possible to Isolate the ‘action’. Most photographs I take seem to come with feelings of loneliness and longing or trying, existentially communicating aspects of communities by using a visual vocabulary where the viewer can easily draw cultural assumptions from what is in frame.

My interests in the working class are clear. This originates from my own upbringing within that classic British environment, Grandparents were Miners, factory workers and housewives, Dad is a Builder and Mum is a cleaner where the smaller things seem to matter more due to scarcity. As my practice develops I find myself more and more interested in class systems and modern subcultures from how I drift in and out and belong to a number of these.